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D.I.M., Tai - Glass (Original Mix)

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Straight up glass. D.I.M. and Tai taking you back to where it all started with the new Boysnoize Records release Miami Noize 2 to bring you an authentic classic house tune with an update on today's sound. There's a certain feeling you get when shiney disco samples and 909 grooves fade into an abyss of smothering low pass filters only to wheel themselves back and hit you harder than they ever did before. BNR did an awesome job with Miami Noize this time around with a solid lineup ranging from Djedjotronic to Harvard Bass and Housemeister.

And now for some honourable mentions, Siriusmo's dubstep remix of Kontakt Me. I really don't think I have to write anything about this guy, his LP was a work of musical genius and when you turn him in to dubstep he hops the fence and escapes into a world of his own. Jan Driver's Rattlesteak starts off in a swamp and ends smacking you in the face with a sharp kick and super tight drums. Lazy Rider by Les Petits Pilous is Oizo's Flat Beat on ghetto house, and Shadow Dancer's Macid is acid house on acid. And if you haven't picked up the Harvard Bass and Bart B More collab Listen to This, you'll wanna catch it on this release.

      Glass - Original Mix
Download: D.I.M., Tai - Glass - Original Mix

1. Djedjotronic "Fritz"
2. Strip Steve "The Freaks"
3. Bart B More & Harvard Bass "Listen To This"
4. Jan Driver "Rattlesteak"
5. D.I.M. & Tai "Glass"
6. Housemeister "Get Naked"
7. Lone "For Ed"
8. Shadow Dancer "Macid"
9. Boys Noize "Kontact Me" (Siriusmo Remix)
10. Les Petits Pilous " Lazy Rider"
11. Noob "Banga"
12. Bart B More & Harvard Bass "Listen To This" (Jan Driver Dub)

This compilation is fire so make sure you check out the streams of all the great tracks on Beatport, definitely don't want to miss something this big. Special thanks to my friends at El3tronight for turning my head onto this release.




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