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Straight out of Flushing, Queens (New York), Action Bronson is making ripples in the lake of Hip Hop. Action is bringing a new school twist on throwback NY Hip Hop. The quality that attracted me to Action Bronson's demeanor is that he doesn't mind being fun loving and cracking a smile or two. A quality that has been thrown into the lost and found bin for quite awhile. But as quickly as Action Bronson turns on his good times switch, he can remix that smile into a ice grill and remind you that he can put that heat into his darts - Dylon, Dylon, Dylon cause he spits hot fire.

Action's talents doesn't stop at rhyming. Check the boy doing his thing, thing in the kitchen. He cooks, he rhymes, he's from New York - yes, you're not the first one to compare Action Bronson to Ghostface Killah. But that's not a bad thing. Stepping off the stage at a show last week, somebody called me the Westcoast Flo-Rida. I appreciated it wholeheartedly, but that is a comparison that made me go into the car and cry for a couple minutes while listening to the soft rock station.

Please stop by Action Bronson's Facebook page and hit that like button. And if you're really diggin' our brethren who be "rockin' leathers like a wild Viking" than cop his newest record Dr. Lecter available now on iTunes. Let's get this brother out the lake of Hip Hop and throw him in bigger waters so he can start making tsunamis.

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