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Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (Bart B More Remix)

Killing it as usual, Bart B More gives Cee Lo's recent radio hit another run at the clubs. The issue with a lot of Dutch producers these days is quality, but Bart doesn't fall into the category of a lot of Dutch producers. This is the dude that pumped Brap - THE hit of the summer, and also launching Dem Slackers into the spotlight with his remix of Let's Go. A lot of loud and drunk memories come with the breakdown of this track. It's also a good reason to flip off the DJ.

      Fuck You (Bart B More Mix)

Download: Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (Bart B More Mix) Be sure to take a look at Bart's other releases, like Gilles which I've been spinning heavily for the past couple of months



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