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Thallus - Belong [Album]

Thallus, the german-born beat-maker, has released his experimental instrumental album entitled Belong. It has a similar feel that you'd find on a Flying Lotus album but exploring less dark territory. It's also not as glitchy and ultimately separates itself from the aforementioned artist by touching on some unfamiliar musical emotions. You can, of course, download the album for free. Check out a few sample tracks below and download the album.

      Thallus - belong - 03 new day
Download: Thallus - new day

      Thallus - belong - 04 focus the play
Download: Thallus - focus the play

      Thallus - belong - 06 belong
Download: Thallus - belong

Download:Thallus - Belong

Experimental · Hip-Hop


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