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Yel-owe records - We Got It [Compilation Album]

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Yel-owe records is back with their latest release. They have just released the compilation album called "We Got It" which features a wide range of different obscure Japanese beat makers all with different styles. Of course there is a huge hip-hop influence on the album but it definitely shouldn't just be classified as hip-hop because it touches on so many genres. Its very experimental but doesn't seemed forced and overall it's a perfect little mix. Also, I should mention that the average age of the producers on this album is 20. Young people are changing the music game. Check out a few sample tracks and you can download the album for free.

      pigeondust - We got it - 02 Funny Toy
Download: Osurek Bertop - Funny Toy

      pigeondust - We got it - 21 Road to Load
Download: Voldmars - Road to Load

      pigeondust - We got it - 08 Inner Crisis
Download: Bugseed - Inner Crisis

      pigeondust - We got it - 03 Wegggg
Download: Rokjoma - Wegggg

Download: Yel-owe records - We Got It [Compilation Album]

Experimental · Hip-Hop


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