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Mike Posner – "Rolling In The Deep" (Adele Cover)

Definitely didn't see this release coming but it is a very pleasent surprise. Mike Posner has gone ahead and blessed us with a "Rolling In The Deep" cover. First, I want to say thanks to Adele or providing such an amazing song that has given us a plethora of great remixes. But, I can honestly say I didn't expect this cover to be as good as it is. Judge for yourself. Listen below.

Download: Mike Posner – Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)



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  • Mike Posner vs. Childish Gambino, someone make the mashup

    Avatar Josh S February 27, 2011 6:31 PM Reply
  • Call me crazy becuase I haven't heard of this guy before now, so I may be biased. However, I feel like he could not deliver the raw emotion that Adele did for two reasons
    1. OK, lets be honest, he is BARELY singing, and in actuality, unless the volume is turned up, it sounds like he is simply breathing or just whispering.
    2. Adele sang the song with her vocals in a way which made you feel like getting revenge on that one ex- whatever that did you wrong in the past. Mike Posner sounds like he is trying to BED a woman with this song, which feels like complete opposition of what the song is about. He doesn't seem (and I say seem because I havent heard all of his work) like he has much depth and his vocals suggest that he was only trying to sound cool, and the track does not deliver on that, either. If he actually put EFFORT into SINGING it and not whispering it, I might have a different opinion. Sure, plenty of people all over Youtube cover it, but they have a style that helps deliver the message of the song. Mike Posner just…doesn't. I cannot speak for everyone, but I saw a comment on the video on youtube that someone uploaded with Mike's cover, and several comments said: "HIS VOICE IS SEX!"
    The song is NOT about SEX!

    Avatar datonare9 March 9, 2011 12:32 PM Reply

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