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London in Tow - Sunday Bliss

Sunday time again. At least 60% of the youth population is probably hungover, regardless of country of origin. With that in mind lets listen to some tunes which will hopefully chase those sunday blues away and bring a slight but distinct grin to your face.

Submotion Orchestra occupy the space somewhere between dubstep and the cinematic orchestra. Truly a pleasure to listen to in every sense. Track is "All Night" of their EP available right now. Check the interview they did over at Newestra!!

All Night by Submotion Orchestra

Baitface, young producer from Kent is making some keepers right now. Sampling the classic "Tomorrow" in this one, the ambience balances out bpm and a pinch or soulful vocals mean kick back and chill.

Tomorrow by Baitface

The Legend and most rare of sights. The double rainbow gets a re-work into some ambient noise.

Monkeybars - Double Rainbow (Chillout Dubstep Remix) by Voyager Golden Records

Ambient · Dubstep


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  • Wow, that Double Rainbow track has some ridiculous deep sub-bass notes, just overall dark and creeping and evil (in the best way possible). Chill but menacing, like a club owner with a row of bottles in front of him and an off-the-leash tiger he's absentmindedly petting while he chats up a fairly terrified young model type.

    Avatar Khonsu January 30, 2011 8:47 PM Reply

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