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Suicide Sundaes - Week 53

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Suicide Sundaes - stop your grinnin' and drop your linen. Every Sunday electblake of Earmilk will bring you the weeks dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming. To hell with sketchy Sunday, we want to shove another dragon down the hole.?

Thats right. Its year 2 bitches.

Year 2 Week 1. And to start off the new year we have the Pitsburg killah Comic Strips back with some help from The Mass Brothers in "Buck Naked in the Club". We also managed to get a taster from Comic Stips' new EP "That's My Sh!!" out now on Rot10 Then we fly straight into some of the remixes from the F.O.O.L - "Reborn EP" (CRUX records) and brand new Geometry.

The two unknowns that round out this week are Mess Me and N0state, both putting down some the best productions I've heard in awhile...

Here's to Year 2 & to everyone electro - throw down again with me.

      Buck Naked In The Club (The Mass Brothers Remix)
Download: Comic Strips - Buck Naked In The Club (The Mass Brothers Remix)

      Buck Naked In the Club ft. Sneaky Mike (Original Mix)
Download: Comic Strips - Buck Naked In the Club ft. Sneaky Mike (Original Mix)

      Thats My Sh
Download: Comic Strips - Comic Strips - Thats My Sh!!

Download: Fresh Foolish - Delorean

      Good Bye Olive (Original Mix)
Download: THE S - Good Bye Olive (Original Mix)

Download: Mess Me - Lightness

      Machine Gun (Geometry Edit)
Download: Noisia - Machine Gun (Geometry Edit)

      Night by Night (PELUSSJE KISBEAT obscuREMIX)
Download: Chromeo - Night by Night (PELUSSJE & KISBEAT obscuREMIX)

      Reborn (The Boomzers Rmx)
Download: F.O.O.L - Reborn (The Boomzers Rmx)

      Restless (Karetus Remix)
Download: Buraka Som Sistema - Restless (Karetus Remix)

      The City
Download: Barletta - The City

      Bitch Counter (Original Mix)
Download: Spunker - Bitch Counter (Original Mix)

      Deadhouse (Nation Remix)
Download: Dead CAT Bounce And A Girl & A Gun - Deadhouse (Nation Remix)

Download: N0state - INSTRUCTOR

      Rapid fire (GSUS remix)
Download: DJ Antention - Rapid fire (GSUS! remix)

      Reborn (Tom Deluxx Remix)
Download: F.O.O.L - Reborn (Tom Deluxx Remix)

      Vengeance (StereoHeroes Remix)
Download: The Hijack Brothers - Vengeance (StereoHeroes Remix)

      Wasted (Baxen Remix)
Download: Tom Deluxx - Wasted (Baxen Remix)

      Were Not French (The Boomzers VIP Remix)
Download: F.O.O.L - We're Not French (The Boomzers VIP Remix)

      Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Redials Blastoise Edit)
Download: Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Redial's Blastoise Edit)

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10 years ago

I count 7 tracks here I like. Loving the way the year has started.

exo7 !!!!
10 years ago

awesome as usual !!!!
I love it . Kiss from France !!!!!!!

Dewey Wynn
10 years ago


10 years ago

want to first thx u 4 sweet disposition remix by BEAKR. unbelievably beautiful song. almost as good as skrillex's rock n roll song.

great remixes by stereoheroes[like their sound more now] & deadhouse remix by nation[love it+voice of a girl+gun] is still amazing..

10 years ago

actually i'm just drunk and finally felt the need to say thank you since i have been jackin your shit for a while now. thank you for the past, present, and future.

10 years ago

you've outdone yourself once again mr electblake. boss selection!