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The Bullitts – "Close Your Eyes" (feat. Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu) [VIDEO]

The Bullitts are set to release their debut album, They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories, which is due out in the middle of next year. The group is a mixture of producers and featured artists, somewhat like Gorillaz. They have released their newest video for the track "Close Your Eyes" which features Lucy Liu(speaking) and the lyrically work of Jay Electronica. The entire project is interesting regardless of the genre or the actual content but it ends up sounding amazing thus far. So, you really have to look forward to a project like this but until the release; The Bullitts will continue to release these types of "flix" until the album release. Check out the video below.

Jay Electronica:
Have you ever had that feeling like you been falling for weeks in a well?

I was on the verge of dying like E.T. in the bald spot in the forest, right next to the speak and spell…
Tryna phone home but the signal wouldn't reach the cell…
Tryna hold on a little longer teeth and nail
without a hand to wipe the tears away from my cheek when they fell.
When I couldn't get peace from a pipe or chiefing an L,
I thought of the words of pastor Dunn when he said;

"Son, at first they screamed hosanna on the highest then turned around and crucified the christ after a week in jail"

Stick to the script like paper clips and coffee stains,
Never let a seed of doubt deter you from your lofty aims,
The will us much stronger than the flesh,
And it only grows stronger when you're going through duress,
Imagination is the factory that makes legends…
Close Your Eyes and dream B.I.G like Faith Evans.

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Pop


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  • I really like Jay Elect, and I love this song, but I fear he will not be the savior of hip-hop many expect him to be for this fact alone:
    His flow is just plain off. Listen to it. Not on all songs, but on this one in particular and in his new jam "Jazzmatazz" it just isn't perfect, a la Biggie, Big L, Big Pun.

    Adam December 8, 2010 12:14 AM Reply
  • omg! AMAZING! hahaha how can i download this!!!

    DeMarco December 23, 2010 12:51 AM Reply
  • I absolutely love this track! Such a beaut :]

    AlyBaba December 27, 2010 4:44 AM Reply

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