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Syl Johnson – Complete Mythology [4CD + 6LP]

Syl Johnson (born in 1936) never got the real exposure that he deserved during his prime. And, that's where Numero Group comes in to make right on previous wrongs. This group prides itself in the fact that they re-release music that may of been overlooked over the years and they do it in style. The re-releases consist of amazing packaging and extensive information and liner notes that put more context on the music itself. Syl Johson is a perfect choice for a re-release considering the fact that he has just as much soul in his music as the legendary James Brown yet he remained pretty low-key his entire career. People 'in-the-know' were aware of Syl's skills but he never gained the popularity he deserved. The Syl Johnson set will include 4 CD's, 6 LP's and a 48-page booklet containing an abundance of information. You can pre-order the set HERE. The track below is just one track out of the 80+ songs included in the set that span his whole career. Check it out below and check out the other releases from Numero Group.

"I wanna be somebody so bad, but you keep on putting your foot on me." – Syl Johnson

Download: Syl Johnson – I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom

R&B · Soul


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  • Black Dynamite shit right here.

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