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Groove Armada – History feat. Will Young Remixes – Dirty Vegas, GRUM and Pushtronic

It's been five years since anyone has heard from Dirty Vegas – we assumed them lost. But now they are back, with a whole new album and a whole new direction. Eager to get their feet wet again, the band jumped at the chance to remix the smash track "History" off of Groove Armada's acclaimed new album "Black Light." With remixes from Grum already, the Dirty Vegas remix just adds to the furor. Adding indy-friendly beats to the floating synths leaves this track impossibly dancey.

It's great to see all these 90s and 00 artists coming back to the limelight, I doubt many will reclaim their past glory (sadly dance music doesn't seem to be like alt rock) but they still have plenty to offer and just might stumble upon a nostalgic thread that we all can't help but weave into the music of today.

History feat. Will Young (Dirty Vegas Remix)

History feat. Will Young (Pushtronic Remix)

History feat. Will Young (Grum Remix)

Electronica · Synth Pop


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