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What the FCKN CREW

Social Media tells me that FCKN CREW is Nils and Antoine and they came together as FCKN CREW in 2006 - somewhere in or around Bastia, France.

They describe themselves as "powerful electro" and part of that new wave of fast paced oh so popular easy-to-thrash-and-get-rock-kids-into electro that many of my posts are devoted to. The most important thing about that personal distinction is that they call themselves part of the new wave of electro, recognizing the electroclash and the precursor's that spawned this bastard child that has come to be called simply - electro.

And boy, they are electro - from buttons to bones FCKN CREW pushes as much synthetic metal as can you can swallow in every opportunity they get. Let me know if you can through songs like "Carnage" or the remix for Les Petits Pilous' "Housi" into a semi-normal line-up. FCKN is only for FCKN and fist fights...

With dozens of remixes and club shanking sets these two aren't afraid to dip into the house jar and do a 4am up properly - listen fo yoself.

some back alley electro cash trash mp3 after the turn...

      Discoke (Slayertrash Remix)
Download: FCKN CREW - Discoke (Slayertrash Remix)

      House N84 (FCKN CREW Remix)
Download: The Bloody Beetroots - House N 84 (FCKN CREW Remix)

      Barcelona (FCKN CREW Remix)
Download: Les Plasticines - Barcelona (FCKN CREW Remix)

      Fields of Blow (FCKN CREW Remix)
Download: Owl Vision - Fields of Blow (FCKN CREW Remix)

      Housi (FCKN CREW Remix)
Download: Les Petits Pilous - Housi (FCKN CREW Remix)

      Face Melter (FCKN CREW Dur Remix)
Download: Culture Prophet - Face Melter (FCKN CREW Dur Remix)

      Coco Chic (FCKN CREW Remix)
Download: SG - Coco Chic (FCKN CREW Remix)

      Discoke (The Boomzers Rmx)
Download: FCKN CREW - Discoke (The Boomzers Rmx)

Download: FCKN CREW - Booh!

Download: FCKN CREW - Carnage

      Challenger (Krylon Rework)
Download: FCKN CREW - Challenger (Krylon Rework)

      Poppers Parties
Download: FCKN CREW - Poppers Parties

Download: FCKN CREW - Slaughter



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