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Sarah McLeod - Double R (AutoErotique Remix)

AutoErotique (formerly VND/LSM) are the sleeping giants in the Toronto electro house scene.

I did a brief write-up on them late last year and posted a glory hole of tracks which seemed to have had an affect on a lot of you out there - not surprising given the quality the twosome have been putting out.

Today, we have the fully mastered remix the boys did for the iconic Aussie rock chick Sarah McLeod - I'm not sure how this pairing came about but in the current climate of strong female singers + banging backup producers doing the rework for the floor this remix fits right in.

      Double R (Autoerotique Remix)
Download: Sarah McLeod - Double R (Autoerotique Remix)

Electro · House


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10 years ago

Excellent pick up, I am an enormous fan of them as well, and post about them frequently. Sleeping giants is an excellent way to describe these two heavy hitters.