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OFWGKTA present Radical

It looks like our left-coast homies coming out of the Odd Future camp are continuing their campaign to drop ill bombs on the masses. On Radical, the crew decides to showcase their lyrical talent, destroying some of your favorite beats, leaving a big gaping hole in them, and leaving without even an apology. Yes, that includes OF general and beat maestro, Tyler, The Creator. But if you've been paying attention, like I told you to, then this should be expected as dude rips tracks. So, with that said, go and download the mixtape. Unless you're easily offended, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.*More after the jump*

      11 Orange Juice By EarlWolf
Download:OFWGKTA - Orange Juice By EarlWolf

      14 Alright By Hodgy Beats
Download:OFWGKTA - Alright By Hodgy Beats

      02 Splatter By Tyler The Creator
Download:OFWGKTA - Splatter By Tyler The Creator

Download: OFWGKTA - Radical


Download: Tyler, The Creator - Bastard


1. Intro
2. Splatter by Tyler, The Creator
3. Turnt Down by Hodgy beats
4. Drop by Earl Sweatshirt
5. Salute by Domo Genesis
6. Everything That's Yours by Mike G
7. Blade by Earl Sweatshirt
8. Double Cheeseburger by Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley
9. Round & Round by Hodgy Beats, Jasper & Mike G
10. Ugly Girls
11. OrangeJuice by EarlWolf
12. Cool by Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G
13. Oblivion by Tyler, The Creator
14. Alright by Hodgy Beats
15. Leather Head by Wolf Haley

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