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Boemklatsch - Netherlanders Do Electro Different

Boemklatsch are from Utrecht, Netherlands and well - I wish I could say a lot about them but most of their bios and the like is written in... Deutch (right? - god...my buddy from the Netherlands is going to call me out on this post I know it)

So anyway, here is what I do know.

Seems like its 4 guys, one of which is an MC. They make electro hiphop. Their original productions are not glitch hop or something like that, it really is electro house beats with an emcee rolling out licks in a language I don't begin to understand. It its pretty aggro stuff, the type of thing that would get spun in the back room of your favourite mega club (you know - the red room with the proper couches we'd spend our night in while the college kids writhed in the main room)

I must say - I love their sound - the electro with hiphop tendencies and general super tech leads, it brings me back. Any djs paying attention out there will be jumping onto beatport now because they can hear the bass bleeding on a club system as well as I can.

so, maybe save this for a pre-game or post-game because well, Boemklatsch isn't for the feint of heart -

Support While You Listen

Dem Slackers - Working Title (Boemklatsch Remix) by Boemklatsch

moar after the turn

      Good For Me (Boemklatsch Remix)
Download: Stars & Suns - Good For Me (Boemklatsch Remix)

      One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch Remix)
Download: Baskerville - One Dollar Dave (Boemklatsch Remix)

Boemklatsch ft. Mike Lord - One More Day by Boemklatsch

Boemklatsch ft. Faberyayo - Spikkeltjes by Boemklatsch

Boemklatsch - Reflex by Boemklatsch

Boemklatsch - Noisy by Boemklatsch

Boemklatsch - Bonafied by Boemklatsch

Mightyfools ft. Guerilla Speakerz - Amsterdam (Boemklatsch Remix) by Boemklatsch

Mightyfools - Juno (Boemklatsch Remix) by Boemklatsch



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11 years ago

Thanks for the post! We would be happy to email you an English bio :)

10 years ago

These guys are pretty much the most awesome act around for me. I'd really like to read an interview about their projects and their production equipment/techniques...