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SEXISTALK - Electro from Brazil

SEXISTALK are Aps (Giancarlo Ranieri) & Pivo (Pedro Melo) and are currently signed to MAXIMIZE RECORDS / TRANSMIT MUSIC.

With a live set that includes MIDI controllers and synths, they are more then djs, they are more then producers, they are Brazilian!

They first broke in 2007 with Kiss My Golden Stuff, and as you will see below, have doing the thing djs do these days - Working in the studio between resident dj positions at São Paulo parties.

They've been covered the past few weeks in my Suicide Sundaes feature and they have become a staple in my daily music searchings. Now I only wish they'd come somewhere relatively near Toronto... c'est la vie.

Join me in my bitter sweet discovery of new earmilk friends - SEXISTALK

      The Ace Of Spades (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: Motorhead - The Ace Of Spades (SEXISTALK Remix)

      Paradise (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: Digitaria - Paradise (SEXISTALK Remix)

      Vaccine (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: Madame Mim - Vaccine (SEXISTALK Remix)

      Da King (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: Mr. Pimpa - Da King (SEXISTALK Remix)

      Raining Blood (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: Slayer - Raining Blood (SEXISTALK Remix)

Download: SEXISTALK - Fuckable

      A Funeral March for Mr. Hitchcock
Download: SEXISTALK - A Funeral March for Mr. Hitchcock

      Love Lockdown (SEXISTALK Remix)
Download: SEXISTALK - Love Lockdown (SEXISTALK Remix)

      Rocket Launcher
Download: SEXISTALK - Rocket Launcher

      Your Body Is Kryptonite
Download: SEXISTALK - Your Body Is Kryptonite

SEXISTALK - 3 Fingers of Pure Love - Live DJ SET OiFm by SEXISTALK

Electro · Mixtape


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11 years ago

We're both flattered and speechless. Thanks so much!

11 years ago

Nice, were you at major lazer on saturday?