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Wiz Khalifa - Kush & Orange Juice (Mixtape)

The 2010 XXL Freshman/Taylor Gang's Wiz Khalifa just released his new highly anticipated mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice, after weeks of waiting.  The tape features artist such as  Curren$y, Nesby Phipps, Johnny Juliano and much more. Tape is incredible and you will not be disappointed, have the official artwork & Track list with Download link Below. Check It Out ANd ENjoy!

      03 - Were Done
Download: Wiz Khalifa
      Were Done.

      11 - In The Cut
Download: Wiz Khalifa
      In The Cut

Download: Wiz Khalifa - Kush And Orange Juice (Mixtape)



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word 2 taylor gang
word 2 taylor gang
10 years ago

im thinkin best tape of the year so far and i see you ebonics keep on postin real shit like this, definitely one of my favorite blogs right here

Luke Oming
10 years ago

Dope-as mixtape. Wake and bake. Saw this here first though: http://lukeoming.com/wiz-khalifa-%e2%80%93-kush-orange-juice-mixtape/

heavenly armed
10 years ago

Man, Wiz Khalifa. lovin this guy! thanks so much

how to grow weed
10 years ago

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