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A Formal Introduction with Juse Dayne

The way to informally introduce myself was on other peoples records", explains new comer Juse Dayne,on the first mixtape of the Transcend Trilogy. The Trilogy includes 3 minitapes scheduled to drop 3/3 4/5 and 5/8. "If i could take those beats that they (the public) like , flip it and some cases, most cases maybe in all, make it better-People are gonna (you know) fuck wit me." And so he did on industry beats like "Back to the Crib" and "Speak French", making the orginal lyrics vanish from memory on first spin.

When speaking to the self proclaimed Skypad resident about the release of the newest addition to the Trilogy, he explained that "Spaceship Music" would be most loved by the people, music that puts you in a chill, yet party mood.  When listening to futuristic tracks like "Press GO!" (produced by D.Rhodes) Juse will have you feeling like you need to drop the L out of your mouth and go apply for a job immediately. Fly Guy anthem (produced by Best Kept Secret) ,"Rollin" ft S1XT6EN and Meagan Jones, is a melodic track that will put your mind to ease and wondering why you didn't choose a spaceship as your primary source of transportation.*Downloads after the jump*

Download: Juse Jetson – Press GO! (Produced by D. Rhodes)

Download: Juse Dayne – Popular Demand

A Formal Introduction with Juse Dayne – Joy Fool

Book 2 : Spaceship Music

Download: "Book 2: Spaceship Music"

Informal Introduction cover art

Download: "Book 1: Informal Introduction"

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  • GOOD SHIT!!! Even got the leather porno couch in the interview…nice touch lol

    You forgot gettin your ass bust on the sticks as an extracurricular too.

    Keep hittin these fools in the head wit that good music homie!! Impatiently waitin on the 3rd tape!!

    Christian Ponder April 12, 2010 2:40 PM Reply
  • good shit bro, see ur in full ::GO:: right now….:::…and the SUPER sunglasses FTW

    Sito April 12, 2010 2:44 PM Reply
  • I Appreciate that fellas!! And Thanks to the folks at earmilk.com for allowing me this opportunity!! and Chris…you cant see me in ANYthing on PS3!! 'U' already know what it is!! lol

    Juse Dayne April 12, 2010 3:05 PM Reply
  • niiiiiiice interview. keep up the good work and u gon achieve greatness bro

    rik April 13, 2010 2:13 AM Reply

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