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Al Be Back - Jungle

Speaking of Coodie & Chike, the directing duo recently linked up with a rising Nuyorican MC that you might recognize. You may remember him as "Brooklyn" from 2006's "ATL", but I bet a lot of you didnt know that Albert "Al Be Back" Daniels was also a rapper, poet, writer, director and producer. Talk about polymath? Remember that track "Good Night" off of Kanye West's Graduation album? Yeah...the featuring guy is him. How could any of us forget Big Pun? Well, this is his little cousin (not even kidding). I see how a person like him would be involved with the arts so much. The unique thing about this track is the style in which he is going over the beat; moreso spoken word than rapping. I think we can expect a lot more from dude being that he's already grabbed the attention of so many.

Al Be Back - Jungle

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