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Nodz & Endz [Playlist 1: VA Rising] - Team Powerhouse, S.T., HdotP, Devilish Grin + beats by Juan Deez & More!

I guess I could write up something real slick and witty explaining what these Nodz & Endz posts are all about, but fuck it, its been done before, and quite frankly I am at a loss for "slick and witty" wording right now. Anyhow, I created this segment of EARMILK as a call to all hip-hoppers, meaning those of you whether you're dropping beats or dropping rhymes to come out wherever you are. Every Thursday, I will try to bring you a new playlist with some of illest MC's/beat maestro's you've never heard of. If you're lucky you may find yourself in there.

VA Rising - A couple of weeks after I returned to VA from my then home of Nashville, I began to go through a series of withdrawals. No, I wasnt hooked on any drugs or anything, but when it came to live music, I was a little spoiled. Nashville's growing electro/ambient noise scene provided among other things great friends, and a good way to listen to local artist. My roommates and I would sometimes even throw house shows (shouts to my man J-Boh). But after being in such a swell of creativity like that, I was a little less than enthused about the lack of any visible and physical local music in the area to say the least. So I set out in search for one, and while I wouldnt say the seven city area has a real music "scene", I will definitley say that there are a few exceptional individuals holding things down in a budding hip-hop community.

We're gonna start with a couple of dope selections from Team Powerhouse founders Stickz (aka The Nefarious Naim) and Sheedy Beatz. Then we'll move into the electro-tribal sounds of producer Devilish Grin with lyrics provided by Supreme Tactics (S.T. if you will) and the homie HdotP. Finally, we are gonna close you out with some head-banging instrumentals by Juan Deez and BT. MARVEL... more info after the jump.

Download: Stickz - Official (prod. Sheedy Beatz)

Download: Stickz - U Dat Kid

Download: Stickz - Cypher (ft. Marski Montana & Meccah)

Download:Stickz - Fresh 2 Def (ft. GB)

Download: Stickz - Foreva Shining

Download: Sheedy Beatz - Art

Download: Sheedy Beatz - Breezy Summer

Download: Sheedy Beatz - Ex2

Download: Supreme Tactics - Do It Some More (prod. Devilish Grin)

Download: HdotP - Stop and Stare ft. Shawn Montana (prod. Devilish Grin)

Download: S.T. & HdotP - Dam that Girl

Download: S.T. - No Copy

Download: Devilish Grin - Mahogany

Download: BT. MARVEL - Silver Surfer (Cosmic Massacre)

Download: Juan Deez - Space Clouds

Download: Juan Deez - He didn't go fa that!

*Disclaimer: All songs posted are copyrighted material. Any commercial use of this material resulting in profit and monetary gain would require permission from the artist or could otherwise lead to a lawsuit.*

If you're interested in having your music posted on Nodz & Endz, email your work to hello@earmilk.com. I don't care what your motive is; exposure, a little commentary on your work, etc. Whatever your reasons, as long as its out of love of your craft, it'll get a listen from me. And, for your own sake, make sure your stuff is copyrighted. Remember...

Keep Nodding.

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