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B.o.B feat. Asher Roth - Fuck The Money (Prod. Kanye West)

B.o.B has leaked the "Fuck The Money" track from his upcoming mixtape called May 25th which is actually going to be released on Feb. 1st. The track is produced by Kanye West so of course you got great beat on the track and then it features Asher Roth. The hook on this track is definitely catchy and will get you trying to sing it if you listen to the track enough. Check out the track and on Feb 1st you can download the mixtape for free on www.bobatl.com but don't worry we'll remind you.

      Fuck The Money
Download: B.o.B (ft. Asher Roth) - Fuck The Money (L.A. Leakers X Power 106 Radio Rip)

Hip-Hop · Rap


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11 years ago

This cat def has talent...I'll be checkin' for him.....