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Fate has nothing to do with it..

It seems as though a new rapper comes out every--single--day. Some of them are good, a lot of them don't even deserve the digital binary they're recording on. But, there in lies the beauty of the internet, a gateway to an ocean of music, videos and so forth. And while the key to this gateway was made available to the huge number of music enthusiasts , it was also made available to a huge number of music creators, therefore making the already massive ocean even larger. Beautiful or not, I know how tedious (and annoying) it can be to constantly browse the web searching and listening, waiting to hear a new MC that you get genuinely excited about.

So, I guess the real question we're all seeking the answer to as we meddle on our computers is "What makes a dope MC, dope?" Obviously that's a highly opinionated question that I won't even bother to answer, although if there were a real answer that explained the guidelines, I bet it would make things a lot easier. Nonetheless, one of the perks of having this blog is that sometimes we dont have to search at all. Dope MC's come to us.

Take Coincidence, for example, a quality MC in this massive quantity. Hailing from L.A., he illuminates the diversity of the city through lyrical tales of love, life, and society. Over the last two years he has developed a sound and style that puts him in a rare breed of MC. If you're looking for prada shoes, gucci belts, louie shades and other swag bragging, you won't find it here, but rather a biting lyrical wit and a sense of creative obscurity. The homie hit us up a couple of weeks back after we posted up some tough tracks from Flick Brown for the Friday smokers.

For those that don't know, he too wil be dropping a mixtape soon entitled Breathing Room with beats provided by the enigmatic, yet exceptional producer Akello Light. It's something I'm pretty stoked to listen to, and after hearing the tunage below, I'm sure you will be too. Stay tuned for more from Coincidence, as we will certainly be dropping more tracks from this artist leading up to Breathing Room. Visuals after the jump.

Download: Akello & Coincidence - Numb Tuesday

Download: Akello & Coincidence - Extra Serious

http://www.vimeo.com/7696792Akello & Coincidence - Midnight Charm

Keep Listening.

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