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Dam-Funk - Mirrors

Stones Throw is just one of those incredible labels, that it seems like, can do no wrong when it comes to shelling out good music. With almost 12 years under their belt, the label has managed to bring forth a few legendary enigmas at the forefront of the hip-hop genre, as well as drop some undeniable classic discography (MADVILLIAN anyone?). Los Angeles "Ambassador of Boogie", aka Dam-Funk only adds to the polished resume with his own brand of modern-funk. A student of past funkateers such as Prince and Roger Troutman, Dam's Toeachizown is a 5 LP, conceptual dissertation, firmly solidifying his place in the genre. "Mirrors" is just one of the many funky, progressive electro jams out of the set, and he recently happened to drop a video for it. Check it out below. More after the jump.

      02 Mirrors
Download: Dam Funk - Mirrors

Dam-Funk - Mirrors

http://vimeo.com/7696693Dam-Funk - @ BlueFunk District Show

Dam-Funk - Mobbin Thru Busters

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80's · Electro · Funk


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