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Suicide Sundaes - Week 10

Suicide Sundaes - stop your grinnin' and drop your linen. Every Sunday electblake and jsully of Earmilk will bring you the weeks dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming. To hell with sketchy sunday, we want to shove another dragon down the hole.

This week we're bringing you some bangers from throw down specialists like MSTRKRFT and LA Riots, as well as some great Deadmau5. We also are tossing in a track from Valerna with their Knightstalker remix. That track has the wildest synth line this side of this Mississippi. Straight up ill.

The Scoops this week include some hard and fast rotations from Proxy and The Bloody Beetroots, with some fresh nicotine patches via Jack Beats, Designer Drugs, Grum, and others to get your fix.


      Who Are You (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Download: The Proxy - Who Are You (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
myspace.com/useproxy | myspace.com/thebloodybeetroots

      Black Flag
Download: Duchess Says - Black Flag

      I Feel Cream (Proxy Radio Edit)
Download: Peaches - I Feel Cream (Proxy Radio Edit)
myspace.com/peaches | myspace.com/useproxy

      Circle Jerk (The Bloody Beetroots Mix)
Download: Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky - Circle Jerk (The Bloody Beetroots Mix)
myspace.com/zoobrazil | myspace.com/iamadamsky | myspace.com/thebloodybeetroots

      Stay The Same (Alex Metric Remix)
Download: autoKratz - Stay The Same (Alex Metric Remix)
myspace.com/autokratz | myspace.com/alexmetric

      Boom Da (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
Download: MixHell - Boom Da (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
myspace.com/mixhell | myspace.com/lespetitspilous

      Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)
Download: Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)
myspace.com/passionpitjams | myspace.com/jackbeats

      Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
Download: Proxy - Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
myspace.com/useproxy | myspace.com/lespetitspilous

      To Kingdom Come (Grum Remix)
Download: Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come (Grum Remix)
myspace.com/passionpitjams | myspace.com/grummmusic

      I Feel Cream (Cory Enemy Remix)
Download: Peaches - I Feel Cream (Cory Enemy Remix)
myspace.com/peaches | myspace.com/corytheremixer

      Riot - Original Mix
Download: Designer Drugs - Riot - Original Mix


      I Remember (Vocal Mix)
Download: Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (Vocal Mix)
myspace.com/deadmau5 | myspace.com/kaskademusic

      Feel It When You Know (LA RIOTS REMIX)
Download: VHS Or Beta - Feel It When You Know (LA RIOTS REMIX)
myspace.com/vhsorbeta | myspace.com/lariotsofficial

      Narcotics (Valerna Remix)
Download: Knightstalker - Narcotics (Valerna Remix)
myspace.com/stalkinseason | myspace.com/valerna

      C E T K (Ghost Hunter Remix)
Download: Comanechi - C E T K (Ghost Hunter Remix)
myspace.com/comanechi | myspace.com/ghosthunt518

Download: CeCe Peniston vs. FACT (Mstrkrft Remix) - Finally, Los Angeles! (CJ Milli Mix)

      Heatwave (Russ Chimes' Funkwave Remix)
Download: Fabian - Heatwave (Russ Chimes' Funkwave Remix)
myspace.com/iamfabian | myspace.com/russchimes

      Get U Home (Alan Wilkis Remix)
Download: Shwayze - Get U Home (Alan Wilkis Remix)
myspace.com/schwayze | myspace.com/alanwilkis

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