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Coolest + Geekiest song ever made? People Under The Stairs - "DQMOT"

I've never heard a song like this and it comes from none other than People Under The Stairs. The track is called "Dqmot" (Dont Quote Me On This) and its from their latest album, Carried Away, which just dropped a few days ago.  This may be one of the most geekiest songs i've ever heard yet they make the song sound so dope. There are a few internet lingo songs out there but none of them actually sound that great. You wont be able to name them all but this track is filled non stop with memes and computer acronyms. The song even has "Keyboard Cat" in it... See how many internet references you can name.

      11 Dqmot
Download: People Under The Stairs - Dqmot



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