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Fashawn - Boy Meets World Listening Party

Soooo, It really annoys me when people say there is no good rap anymore. I say - you're just being lazy. Sure, you may have to dig a little deeper, but the music is still there. Take central Cali MC Fashawn for example. Dude's dropped about seven mixtapes, all of which go hard lyrically. He recently had a listening party at Turntable Lab LA for Boy Meets World, his album dropping in September. Some of the heavy hitters who showed face at the party were Evidence & Rakka, Blu, Planet Asia and Exile (who produced the entire album). If that line up isn't good hip-hop, then I dont know what is. Lets just say that the whole room was nodding. Check it out for yourself below, and be on the lookout for Boy Meets World late summer.

Fashawn - Boy Meets World Listening Party

This is the second single from the album entitled "Life as a Shorty" also produced by Exile.Download: Fashawn - Life as a Shorty (prod. by Exile)

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