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Lion interview with Whohub

Remember Lion? Of Course you do. You know? The kid with with a ill flow that may catch you off guard with verses about video games or chick flick references. Well, recently, he did an interview with whohub about his - wait for it - art. That's right... art. The dude is ultra talented. In the interview he gives us a shoutout over here at earmilk. Below is a track just in case you forgot the dopeness, and below that is a link to the interview with whohub.

Download: Lion - Red Pill

Lion interview with whohub

Did I mention that Lion has a blog? How about that he will be co-starring in Nubian's new video "Body Language." Did I mention that the two have some collaborative projects coming up? Well, I did now. Keep Listening.

Be cool and Support Lion



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