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Music from Toronto - "Still Life Still"

Hailing from my earmilk's stomping grounds - Toronto, Still Life Still were just one of the bands that graced one of the 50 venues during the 5 day independent music festival (nxne) this year in Toronto. Still Life Still are a Canadian six-piece, who play a textured and layered style of indie/grunge/pop style music.

Taken from their myspace:

7/1/2008 By Cam Lindsay

I can see Still Life Still garnering some Broken Social Scene comparisons, and although I hear some similarities -- heavy layering, incidental background noise, a jammy looseness to the song structures, melodies buried six feet under, occasional and lackadaisical experimentation -- they certainly shouldn't have to worry about breaking up over an identity crisis.

Now lets take a listen:

Download: Still Life Still - Pastel

"Pastel", is probably the most popular song they have at the moment, and you quickly understand why. Nothing wrong with it and flows very comfortably with any indie pop light playlist you got going.

Download: Still Life Still - Aid

"Aid" is an example of the different things that Still Life Still have to offer. A little more distortion, some random twiddlings float around in the background, and its abit more progressive then the other tracks.



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