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Street Sweeper Social Club's Album Released

socialclubStreet Sweeper Social Club is a super-group consisting of members from a few different bands. You have vocals by Boots Rilly of The Coup,  guitarist Tom Morello from Audioslave & on drums(for the album) you have Stanton Moore from Glactic. They have come together to release an album under the Street Sweeper Social Club title. This is a self titled album and it would be considered under the genre of funk rock with rap. Mixing rock with rap is becoming more and more common but the way it was done on this CD is really well done. The CD just dropped June 16th and it has some really good tracks that have a lot of re-playability(not sure if that is a word). Check out two tracks below:

Street Sweeper Social Club - The Squeeze

Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap for the Killers



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