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Daniel Rossen - Waterfall (Tribute to Judee Sill)

46256867Daniel Rossen is guitarist/singer/songwriter who hails from Los Angeles, CA but he is in the Brooklyn-based indie group known as Grizzly Bear. Daniel Rossen is usually associated with the indie scene in New York and he has a great sound. He has recently come out with a cover song for the upcoming tribute album to Judee Sill that will be released this upcoming September 22nd. The tribute album will feature many different artists.

Judee Sill was songwriter and a singer during the 70's. She only released two albums before dying of a drug overdose in 1979. There was another album released after her death and her legacy lived on. This tribute track is very low-key but could strike multiple tones with your emotions. Also, I've included a video of Judee Sill herself. Enjoy.

Download: Daniel Rossen - Waterfall (Tribute to Judee Sill)

Judee Sill - The Kiss

Acoustic · Indie


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