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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve! [windchILL]


This is your Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve! Today's chilled track is brought to you by windchILL. windchILL hails from Pennsylvania and has been in the hip-hop scene since 1996. He got his start by doing freestylin' in his local area. Since then he has gone on to release a few albums and every album tries to keep that "original" hip-hop sound alive. The track brought to you today is called "Pay Homage" and its from his album entitled I Have Arrived. This track pretty much sums up what this guy is all about. He's about giving props to those that came before him and at the same time trying to keep their sound alive. So, sit back and chill.......

Download: windchILL - Pay Homage



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