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Don Cannon Presents Mars Of 1500 Or Nothin - Life On Mars [Mixtape]

Don Cannon

Heard of 1500 or Nothin' yet?  They call themselves a "Musical Movement". There is a video below that explains them a little better but basically it is a huge band that has some core members. Their feature list is impressive with names such as: Phonte, Snoop, The Game....the list goes on. Its a huge mix of different sounds that ultimately comes out sounding really good.

Don Cannon has come and hosted the Life on Mars Vol. 1 mixtape that has Mars(also part of 1500 or nothing). It also features a lot more members who are associated with 1500 or Nothing. Download the mixtape for free at the bottom of this post.

Who is 1500 or Nothing? Video


Download: Don Cannon Presents Mars of 1500 or Nothin' - Life on Mars Mixtape Vol. 1



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The Game
10 years ago

i love 1500 music.