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2 New The The Raveonettes Demos - "Last Dance" and "Boys Who Rape" - Do you Twitter?


The Raveonettes want you to follow them on twitter, and you'll do it if you want their new Demo.

Yesterday at noon, The Raveonettes released a new demo with a working title of "Last Dance". Doesn't completely rock my work, but sounds like a pretty good start to me. And today they released another demo for the song "Boys Who Rape" which I find a lot better. Maybe I just like distortion, but I dig it. Judge for yourself and comment :)

To download new demos you do need to sign up on the vice website, BUT, we're offering them for you here so you don't need to give out your email to be spammed (even if it is from the hipster icon Vice)

p.s I would bet that this twitter/signup was concocted by Vice Records, but hey - its a reasonable thing to want to build a digital street team :)


Download: The Raveonettes - Last Dance Demo


Download: The Raveonettes - Boys Who Rape

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