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Reggae Interlude: The Way You Sould Live Life

You can always count on reggae to give you a good message. Whether its about government, life, money or relationships..you can usually get a good message from a good reggae song. That's where today's reggae interlude comes in. I bring you Jacob Miller. He was a major influence in the reggae movement of the 70's. He worked with the likes of King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, & Bob Marley. Unfortunately he was taken way before his time. He died in an accident in March of 1980. He would of been even bigger had he had more time. But before he left us; he created a lot of music that will live on forever. And that brings us to the song I wanted to post because I believe the message in the song is good. The name of the song is "Forward Ever (Backward Never)". The title pretty much explains why its a good way to live your life. Check it out:


Download: Jacob Miller - Forward Ever Backward Never



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