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Sade to release new album!

13prSade is my favorite artist/group of all time (2nd place belongs to Outkast). Sade is one of the best selling groups of all time. Their sound is not completely unique but when you have Sade Adu's raspy and soulful voice; then you have a completely unique sound. It has been 9 years since their last album and many people, including me, have been waiting and waiting to hear ANY news. But now it is official. They have even launched a new updated site (www.sadeusa.com).

The album was suppose to be released November 24, 2009 but since that day was announced; Sony has come out to say the date is unknown. The title of the album is also unknown. None of this matters because we've waited 9 years for a new album so I'm sure we can wait a few more months to a year. There have probably been ALOT of children born just because of Sade's music and I bet even they are going to be excited to hear a new album is coming! Here's one of my favorite tracks of all time by Sade. Please Enjoy

Sade - Cherish the Day

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<sarcasm>Most people who were born because of Sade's music refer to the group not as Sade but as "Genesis" because that was their beginning. Get it? Anyone?</sarcasm>

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