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Jordan Looney - Sleepy Head


So I was just sent the new single from Jordan Looneys new mixtape coming out next Sunday entitled "Nerd Hop, Volume 2." The single itself is called "Sleepy Head," which is a remix from the original by Passion Pit.  I only just recently started listening to the young and upcomming rapper out of Chicago. I love the chance to come across new talent with a fresh approach to hiphop, and after taking the time to listen to Looney, it's nothing short of that.

Check out the new single below. Also take a second to listen to the original from Passion Pit, so you can truly judge. Instead of just uploading the song, I felt it was only necessary to link the video.. pretty much cause its one of the most amazing videos I've seen to date. So if you like what you hear, stop by next Sunday to cop Looneys new mixtape.


Jordan Looney - Sleepy Head (ft. Passion Pit)


Passion Pit - Sleepy Head

Passion Pit on  Passion Pit on iTunes

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