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Sunset Campout 2016 [Photo Journal]

About 3-4 hours north of San Francisco, deep in the heart of Northern California, lasy an old miners' settlement known as Belden Town. Today, it's mostly used as a remote lodging stop for ambitious travelers exploring the vast region. Throughout the year, many boutique festivals of various sorts are hosted here, mainly due to it's open camp grounds and private access to a secluded river beach front.

Sunset Sound System is a San Francisco-based electronic events crew that has been putting together some of the most unique and inspiring dance events since 1994. Imagine a three floor ferry boat, pumping out some progressive EDM, deep house or even some classic techno, while you dance on top of an open roof deck below the Golden Gate bridge, with a gorgeous California sunset falling gently over the distant skyline. That's the kind of awe-inspiring, sonically charged events that the Sunset crew throw. So it was no surprise that they would transform this remote travelers lodge into a spectacular three day music and art retreat—full of incredible music, yoga, movie showings, spiritual ceremonies, beach dance stages, workshops and even a rejuvenating spa. Check out our photo journal reliving the experience below. 

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