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Lightning in a Bottle 2016 [Photo Journal]

Photo cred: Stefan Poulos

Bradley, CA - Somewhere between Los Angeles and San Francisco, between reality and fantasy, there exists a utopian festival experience known as Lightning in a Bottle. It's an event where nature and humans come together as one to celebrate life. Whether it's through the art filled beauty of a setting sun falling gently behind the mountains or a 10 foot tall mural of a beautiful third dimension world. Maybe it's seen dancing with the leaves as they sway along to deep electronic beats from a stage covered by floating sheets dangling in the wind. 

Fans were treated to thought provoking speaking sessions, spiritual yoga meetings, great vibes with thousands of loving people and a buffet of incredible music from artists like Jamie XX, Grimes, Clozee, Justin Jay, Dimond Saints, The Funk Hunters, Raury, The Desert Dwellers, Emancipator Ensemble and more. Whatever one was searching for that weekend was available.  

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