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SoundCloud enters into the artist-curated playlist game to celebrate PRIDE

SoundCloud is a streaming platform built on music discovery. While when it was first founded in 2007 the digital music landscape was a different place, the company has gone through some major changes - including a new CEO and tiered subscription model in 2017 - to keep up with the races and its competitors like Spotify.

While SoundCloud's Discover page has been its hallmark new music feature, it's getting into the artist-curated playlist game - something that Spotify and its content creator members have capitalized on - with a launch powered by empowerment. With artists morgxn, Suzi Analogue, Bright Light Bright Light and Lauren Ruth Ward getting on board, they've each created playlists for PRIDE 2018, taking place weekends throughout June across the country, including in New York City on June 24th, and of course, it also celebrates LGBTQIA artists.



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