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SoundCloud updates music discovery platform with 'The Upload'

SoundCloud is a music discovery service at its core. In the days when it was really the only way to get new music out there, the streaming platform fed music through its simple feed, showing users they follow's new music and their new music tastes. But a lot has changed in the streaming sphere since then. With services like Spotify providing users the ever-changing array of playlists, including Discover Weekly, SoundCloud has announced a big change today that will offer users an updated discovery experience.

Entitled The Upload, SoundCloud users can now get a tailored list of new music that's most recent on the platform. The intent is to clear through the clutter that many who follow hundreds of users can find cumbersome, aiming to find what's most relevant to you based on your tastes. Of course, the more you use it, the more tailored your results will be. You can visit https://soundcloud.com/discover to get started, or check it out on the SoundCloud mobile app.

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