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VEVO taps into Sigrid's creative process, artistic self and her love for cats [Video]

Norwegian indie artist Sigrid has been a topic of gushing discussion on our pages since early 2017. With each release, she gives us more character, more of some the most powerful songwriting and vocal talent through straight minimalist creative tactics. Her latest single, "Raw," was an ultimate kind of moving - that is, until she debuted the stripped down version of the track, which outdid the original in a new way. Throughout all of this, Sigrid has shown her wit, her quirky personality. And this time around, it's the subject of VEVO's latest artist-focused video. Here, we see Sigrid in a world of her own imagination and dreams - full of kittens, freestyle singing and discussing her artistic journey and creative process. It's another moving vignette into Sigrid's journey, and it affirms her honesty in her work - as any artist would hope would connect others to their music..

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Micah Bickham / Andy Catarisano
Director Of Photography: Andy Catarisano
Producer: Priya Minhas/Hailey Rovner

Connect with Sigrid: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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