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Noiselab's 'In the Studio' provides an inside look at the production of Gallant's "Weight in Gold"

Hearing a song you love can change your day- learning how a song you love was made can change your perspective about the creative process as a whole. 

R&B singer songwriter Gallant's 2016 album Ology featured the track "Weight In Gold", a heavily layered sonic boom which pulled influence from across the board.  The song's producer, STINT, is now featured in online music production education platform Noiselab's newest video In The Studio with STINT, a video series where he breaks down the track's background, inspirations, and process to the viewer while giving a firsthand look at how a computer full of samples can transform into a hit song.  In the Studio with STINT is the first episode in a series where producers break down tracks so anybody can learn the tricks of an industry pro.

Interested in In the Studio with STINT? Enroll for free here.

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