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LANDR is a new and innovative way to master music


How music is listened to today varies widely. Some people only pay to see artists live, a niche group plays records from their vinyl collection, while more people are starting to plug in to streaming services. The underlying goal, for any sonic medium, is to have quality sound. As we enter the digital age, creating music from scratch is becoming easier - so shouldn't the final mastering steps also be?

One of the most impressive emerging technologies in music is LANDR, the instant audio mastering service. The idea to integrate artificial intelligence with music production came to founder Stuart Mansbridge while researching at Queens Mary University in London. Justin Evans, who previously led a marketing firm in Montreal, connected with Mansbridge and they decided to commercialize the technology in 2014. “We’re building workflows for music creators. The things they want to do, any jobs they want to perform, we’re able to help them to do it.” says the current CEO and an initial investor, Pascal Pilon.

LANDR works by computing each new song analyzing the production style. The A.I. software becomes more thorough after each mastering, with over 3 million songs processed, the service is only going to become better with time. First time users are able to master MP3s at 192kbps, while there are several plan options for uncompressed 16 or 24 bit WAV files. The variety of subscriptions for one off, monthly, or yearly memberships cater to the company's growing clientele.  The video below explains more clearly LANDR's services. 

With over 70 employees, and offices in Montreal, New York and Los Angeles, Stuart Mansbridge and Justin Evans’ dream is fully realized. The company now operates with over 800k users worldwide, and they provide full technical and audio support with world-class audio engineers. LANDR seems to be advancing into the future by launching an innovative tool that aids mastering music.

Professional producers, musicians and artists are fans of LANDR, too. Adrian Belew, a legendary guitarist whose played along side David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Frank Zappa, etc., says it's one of the most boggling pieces of music technology out today. Thousands of DJs support LANDR as well, with Pleasurekraft recently calling LANDR, "a great everyday mastering tool with plenty of muscle to flex." 

Why are musicians using LANDR instead of learning how to master music themselves - or just paying a professional? The biggest plus is that musicians save time and money, which can be moved to other more productive avenues. Working with A.I algorithms does not mean handing away one's artistic license, but rather frees up time leading to more creative projects. The future of music production seems to be a more immersive bond of new technologies and communities micro sharing. 

LANDR is quickly growing in reputation, as more and more major music corporations are getting involved with the organization. SoundCloud’s partnership with LANDR allows musicians to master their music for free in a lower quality, while there are more advanced options for Soundcloud Pro accounts. As of now, LANDR has over 60 partnerships with developers, labels, tech firms, and more to fully expand the brand's vision. 

While the mastering services are a huge attraction for musicians and producers, LANDR has recently delved into aiding DJs by mastering full sets. Native Instruments and Serato have both teamed up on a new DJ App, two leading tech firms in hardware and software DJ equipment. Mastering a recorded mix can be useful if you're intending to upload online, to avoid any issues by having a balanced sound. Transitions, blending, and the overall soundscape are essentially what LANDR helps improve. You can download the DJ App for free today for a limited time.

One of LANDR’s latest collaborations is a DJ competition with Montreal's popular Igloofest. The winner will receive a free year membership to LANDR, while the runner up receives three complimentary months. Contest applicants must be Canadian in order to be eligible, and winners will perform alongside Josh Wink, Mind Against, and others on January 20th. You can read more information on the competition rules and prizes. 

Creating an original sound is one of the most difficult challenges musicians face in today’s saturated market. Unfortunately, the media does not always notice new musicians, but often sticks to safe formulas. As a musician, one simple step towards success is mastering completed work to sound professional enough to be noticed. From a music journalist's point of view, hearing quality work is equally as important as a catchy sound as well. LANDR is an essential service for any musician sharing music, whether online or by traditional means. 

Use this link to signup for a free LANDR account and redeem 2 complimentary WAV master credits.

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