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Igloofest & Sapporo team up to offer an irresistible DJ contest

Igloofest is one of Montréal's most unique claims to fame taking place during Canada's coldest period from January 12th to Feburary 4th. There isn't anything that matches the extent of organization or bookings or freezing temperatures that captures an international attention just like Igloofest. The upcoming winter will see the 11th season of the festival in Old Port, maintaining the new layout that defined the site last year. 2017 is the 375th anniversary of Montréal, which Igloofest is celebrating by adding two special free Nordik games on February 11th and 18th. The lineup includes: Apparat, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Lee K, MK, Mr. Nokturn, Snails, with the full list below.   

Igloobeat is the annual competition hosted and sponsored by Sapporo in search of a DJ that will perform a 60 minute set on the main stage January 20th. Anyone is able to enter since the grand prize offers transportation to and from Montreal as well as accommodation for the winner and a guest. The chosen DJ will open for Josh Wink alongside Steve Bug, two DJs from Philadelphia and Berlin respectfully. These two legendary DJs will draw in a large audience, which is why the required music to play is house, tech-house, and deep house. 

Another major benefit of winning Igloobeat Sapporo 2017 is getting a free one-year mastering subscription to LANDR - the Montreal startup who pioneered automated audio mastering. The runner up gets 3 free months of LANDR’s mastering service, as well. LANDR’s instant mastering service is becoming extremely popular for musicians and producers of any genre who are uploading music online. LANDR’s mastering algorithm is based on an A.I system that becomes more intelligent with each new song it masters. They’ve mastered 3 million songs already using their patented algorithm, which identifies sonic patterns and genres to determine the appropriate processes to use. The company is growing quickly in reputation and size, and is invaluable for any type of producer. 

Applicants must enter before January 6th, submitting a 60 minute set to Mixcloud with this image as a cover. The title needs to contain "Igloobeat Sapporo 2017 – YOUR DJ NAME" and include the tag Igloobeat Sapporo 2017. The top 10 mixes with the most favourites will move to a second round where a panel will chose the winner. To enter one must be Canadian or have Canadian residence, be over 18, and not have performed at Igloofest or Piknic Electronik previously. A full summary of the required rules and more prize benefits can be seen here

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