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Atom TM and Tobias. prep release of their Panorama Bar Extended Live Set

The dynamite pairing that is Atom TM and Tobias. went off inside Berghain's walls at the celebrated Panorama Bar on 12/10/2014 for Focus Mode with an all-improvised live set that saw the two sound engineers play for 6 hours. 

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Now they are offering the world an opportunity to check out what exactly went on by releasing 5 hours of live recording from that event slated for a November 11th release. Delivered on Atom TM's AtomTM_Audio_Archive imprint, the digital release will consist of 5 one hour segments. For those who don't want any interruptions, the continuous full WAV file will also be available via Atom TM's official site. Otherwise, you can purchase the 5 one hour tracks on iTunes

Check out the excerpts below!

The two are commissioned to play together for the months of October and November at the events listed below

SAT 24.10. Mexico City - Mutek
FRI 30.10. Los Angeles - Anthology presents The Bunker at Lot 613
SAT 31.10. Toronto - Beverley Halls SPK
FRI 13.11. Amsterdam - Nachtiville
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