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AnD prepare 'Cosmic Microwave Background' remixes on Electric Deluxe

AnD gave an in-depth look at what the project was all about when the duo released their debut album, Cosmic Microwave Background, via Electric Deluxe late last year. The album journeyed through 12 tracks of industrial, downtempo, glitch, and electronic sceneries that radiated sci-fi narratives and displayed their broadening palettes. 

Now come the remixes and they do so in a 2-part display. On remix duties for AnD RMX 01 are Lucy and Speedy J as Zeitgeber, Sleeparchive, and O/H.  With Zeitgeber taking a shot at the album's concluding track, "The Surface of Last Scattering", Sleeparchive and O/H ring in their interpretations of "Power Spectrum". 

AnD RMX 02 sees Black Rain reinterpret two tracks, "Galactic Motion" & "The Surface of Last Scattering", while JK Flesh reworks "Non Sky Signal Noise". 


[ Tracklist and release dates below]


EDLX043 – AnD Remixes 01 – June 15th 2015  

A1. The Surface of Last Scattering (Zeitgeber Remix)
B1. Power Spectrum (Sleeparchive Remix)
B2. Power Spectrum (O/H Remix)

EDLX044 – AnD Remixes 02 – June 29th 2015

A1. Non Sky Signal Noise (Justin K Broadrick as JK Flesh Reshape)
B1. The Surface of Last Scattering (Black Rain Remix)
B2. Galactic Motion (Black Rain Remix)


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