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Chromeo brings the funk to New York Fashion Week and Central Park Summer Stage

In New York City, Fashion Week is a sight to behold. Spectacles include but are not limited to Miley Cyrus in pasties at Alexander Wang’s warehouse after-party, Nicki Minaj awkwardly trying to teach some twigs how to twerk, Lady Bunny turning The Blonds’ fashion show into the most fabulous event east of the Mississippi, and the funk lordz Chromeo stepping away from their illuminated lady legs to bring soul to their own fashion line.
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Last Thursday, Chromeo members Dave One and P-Thugg traded keys and talkboxes for needle and thread as they debuted their fashion line with the French collective Surface To Air. Surface To Air and Chromeo have worked together for quite some time when styling their music videos, so the move to release a full line made perfect sense. The line was reflective of each members distinctive styles. Dave One had a line of badass leather jackets that would make the scrawniest of prawns look like a bonafied greaser and P-Thugg debuted some fierce patterned shirts featuring shapes and tigers that can bring out the fiercest of animals in whomever dawns the threads.

Following their show on Thursday night, Chromeo joined New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia on the majestic Central Park Summer Stage that has already housed top acts like Beck, Blood Orange, Andrew Bird and more. Chromeo dived deep into their discography and filled the crisp fall air with classics like “Night By Night,” “Tenderoine,” and “Fancy Footwork,” and played some of their more recent songs like “Come Alive,” “Sexy Socialite,” and “Over Her Shoulder.” Dave One had the audience in the palm of his hand as he paused briefly during “Mommas Boy” as the crowd roared in resilient approval and had ever Tom, Dick, and Jane screaming along (surprisingly on key) during their closing number of “Jealous.” If you have yet to see Chromeo you can catch them on their Frequent Flyer Tour with supporting act Wave Racer, kicking off September 25th.


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