Album Review: Daze - Contrast EP

Album Review: Daze - Contrast EP
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Who exactly is the mastermind behind groove producer Daze? His Soundcloud page is extremely elusive, only telling us that he is from the city Rouen in France and that he has one mission: funk the world. Daze has upheld his goal relatively well by keeping an onslaught of funk-ridden tracks constantly keeping his Soundcloud fresh. His most recent work only pushes him further as the four track EP, Contrast, is crafted from a collection of experiences. 

"Leaning Off Your Love" starts Daze's EP off with a vibrant mix of silky vocals from A'maal Nuux and a groovy main beat. A'maal's vocals over power the music in the chorus, but is balanced out with a rhythmic breakdown that shows Daze's real talent. 

"Show Me" is easily the most summer infused song on the entire EP, from the initial chords you're instantly hit with a wave of warm sensations. Before long, a robotic daft sounding vocal takes over and makes any hesitation to stop this song vanish. What you're left with is a love making, funky tune that fits perfectly in any summer playlist. 

Contrast's highlight and one of Daze's most popular songs is the extraordinary single, "With You". Again, echoing a distinct Daft Punk influence, Daze uses a robotic vocal to his advantage by weaving the lyrics through the main melody. The public opinion has been more than amazing for "With You" as the track has just hit 100k plays on Soundcloud. 

To end Contrast, Daze concludes with a mellow tune titled, "Hey!". Crossing the lines of downtempo and deep music, Daze manages to pull away from the funk for just a moment before giving hints at his roots once more. There is a soft piano that bridges the main riffs and an energetic melody is met by a short vocal sample, all colliding into a perfect finish. 

What made Contrast so distinctly special is how Daze manages to create four unique songs that each contribute a significant value to the entire work. Despite the fact that "With You" has done astonishing well, every other track still shows Daze's skill in a range of production. Yet even with the contrast in the songs, Daze still manages to make funk the underlying tone. Most importantly, funk done with style. 

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