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Conner Youngblood - "Summer Song"

Got a new track from the up-and-coming artist Conner Youngblood. This time he brings the track "A Summer Song" which is a bit more upbeat than his previous releases. This time he's made a happy track that has his signature banjo usage as well as some glitched out elements as well. He always keeps you guessing as to what's coming up next in the song because he doesn't follow any type of formula. If you were't a fan of Connor before; you will soon be. Check out the new track below.

      A Summer Song
Download: Conner Youngblood - A Summer Song

Previous Releases:

Download: Conner Youngblood - Monsters

Float On Lil Weezy (Blackbird Blackbird x Lil Wayne + Modest Mouse)

Experimental · Indie


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