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Bryson Tiller offers music for "A Different Christmas" this holiday

On Friday, Louisville's own Bryson Tiller gifted his fans with an EP entitled A Different ChristmasThe holiday project consists of seven 'different' songs featuring Kiana LedeJustin Bieber, and Poo Bear.

In 2020, he reaffirmed his place as an R&B tastemaker with A N N I V E R S A R Y, an LP released on the fifth anniversary of his first breakout album, T R A P S O U L. There have been rumblings of Bryson Tiller's 3rd album being whipped up and prepared for 2022 unofficially entitled Serenity. There has yet to be an announced release date.

Tiller stated on his Twitter, "Before we get into my next album, i wanted to share another special project i worked on for you guys. This one was really fun to make. Inspired by Bieber, Ariana, and by one of my loneliest holiday seasons ever.. “A Different Christmas”..."

Inspired by the classic '60s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer clay animation films, Tiller wrote a video treatment up for the single "lonely christmas" feat. Justin Bieber and Poo Bear. The video was directed by Quique Rivera and produced by a high-imagination production studio in California called The Ancient Order. of the Wooden Skull.

Songs like "presents" with Kiana Lede offer a R&B twist to the traditional sound of Christmas music. The intro, "be mine this christmas" sounds authentically like a classic Bryson Tiller love song in production and overall vibe, yet set for the winter season holiday. The only more conventional route Bryson takes is when he does he rendition of "i'll be home for christmas" in the middle of the project. These seven tracks are for the snuggles around a fireplace, or for the slow mornings with your special someone.

Apart from features from recording artists like Bieber, Poo Bear, Kiana Lede and Tayla Parx, the EP includes an appearance from his daughter Halo (Harley Tiller) on “winter wonderland”, the closer. He and his eldest of two daughters share the verses and the 8-year-old vocally shines at her first showing on the mic.

Connect with Bryson Tiller: Twitter | Website | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Apple Music

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